Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Give your support by...

  • Doing a funky dance
  • Telling a good joke
  • Taking a sketchbook with you where ever you go this week
  • Listening to a really good album
  • Relaxing on the porch
  • Jumping in a river/lake/ocean
  • Sending a hand written letter to an old friend
  • Sending a letter to me! 5846 Gregory Ave., Hollywood, CA 90038
  • Watching the sunset
  • Drinking Cheerwine from a glass bottle
  • Having a potluck
  • Forming an air band
  • Making some masks and performing a story
  • Drinking a pint of your favorite local brew
  • Making sweet tea
  • Picking berries
  • Baking goodies, perhaps with those berries you just picked
  • Taking in a late night movie
  • Singing in the shower
  • Re-reading your favorite book
  • Playing boggle
  • Finding creatures in the clouds
  • Pounding back a few pixie stix
  • Expanding (or starting) your garden
  • Sharing what you harvest with friends and neighbors
  • Doing a recycled art project
  • Rigging up a rope swing
  • Eating a Krispy Kreme donut hot off the line
  • Marathoning Orange Is The New Black for the 2nd, 3rd, 48th...time 
  • Wearing bright colors
  • Sitting around a campfire
  • Rolling down a grassy hill
  • Giving a financial donation
  • Letting me know how doing something on this list went and about all your adventures!


  1. You're gonna be living right next to the Cemetery (oO0OoO0Ooo.....) where they project classic movies onto tombs on saturday nights!
    Also, I saw a bottle of Cheerwine here once... but somebody had drank it and put it in the dirt a long time ago. It may be worth it to bring a little stockpile to help transition into the abundance of mexican sodas... When are you out here for real?

  2. Hey Freddie.
    Dave here, from FPCH. Just wanted to let you know that you can get Cheerwine in a bottle at Oaks Gourmet on the corner of Franklin and Bronson (across from the Celebrity Center).
    See you around the church campus.