Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Funday

You know how every now and then you're all like "hot dang today is a good day!" Today was one of those days. Allow me to walk you through it.

I woke up around 9:30. An excellent time to wake up. I put on some pants and went downstairs to make some coffee. We just bought some whole bean coffee from Cafe Justo so I was looking everywhere for the coffee grinder and I just couldn't find the danged thing and just as I'm about to move into a full blown I've got to have my asdfjhlks coffee freak out, I found it. So Brent and I sat and chatted over some bomb coffee. Then I took a really long shower and listened to the Muddy Waters Pandora station. Refreshing in many ways.

Next I was on my way out for the day. Packed up a new book, a drink and a snack, a sweat shirt for later (which later didn't happen until once I got back home so that was pointless but who even cares) and went to a meditation meeting. Got some hugs and from there I was off to meet some friends in Chinatown. So I went to get on the red line and only had to wait like two minutes which was awesome, hopped on the train, read the aforementioned book, got off the train, got on the gold line which I like because it's above ground, and got off in Chinatown. I was planning on walking to my friend's apartment so I was totes surprised when I saw them waiting at the stop. We headed over to Grand Central Market for some eating. Brent met up with us and we ate and chatted about some things we've been up to, what we will be up to, and pros and cons of the non-profit world. Then we climbed like 1908213 stairs (not really) to the water court, Sara and I paused to look at a huge garden at a retirement center, and walked around the fountain filled plaza. I had a blast walking through and playing in the fountains. I had never been to this particular spot before, but at one point I realized I had walked by it a handful of times without knowing it was there. You never know until you know, I guess. Next we moved onto Grand Park, a fan favorite, where I played in more fountains and watched all the kinds of people that go to Grand Park on Sunday for electronic dance music. It definitely made me think about Asheville and Warren Wilson. Brent left and the rest of us headed to Sara's new place before she, Cole, and I took off to Tribe, where we worship. I really enjoy seeing people's abodes for the first time and this one was full of awesome art so that's awesome. It got me excited about finding my next place. And I had what in that moment seemed like the best glass of water I've had in my life. And we talked about having a mac and cheese bake off dinner - talk about my heaven. Tribe was excellent of course - good food, good peeps, good words. I laid on the floor and started what I think will be a pretty dope drawing. Then it was back on the red line, did some more reading, and then ran into Brent at the bus stop. I love those little moments of running into people, especially in this city.

And now here I sit, writing this blog post on our tiny second story porch, under twinkle lights and the stars that I assume are still up there even though I can't see them and saying goodnight to a pretty good day.

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