Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Best Attitude is Gratitude

Once a week at My Friend's Place, we spend a morning doing what I'll call inside work. Once a month we spend a whole day doing a ton of inside work. This inside work always includes domain meetings. My domain, or team, is the bestest team - transformative education. We check in with each other, see what we're celebrating and/or struggling with, and go over the things we have going on. This Thursday, my supervisor (she's pretty cool) referred to November as the month of gratitude and she was absolutely right. We each shared something we were grateful for and mine was something I have thought about often and expressed a few times - I am so blessed to be a part of My Friend's Place and this whole YAV/DOOR experience. I get to build relationship with so many wonderful people - children of God - it's insane. The people I live with are excellent, the people I work alongside are beautiful, the folks who walk through the doors of MFP are too cool, my fellow YAVs are incredible, my neighbors are something else, the list could go on. Throughout this life of mine, but particularly right now, I am so grateful to be where I am, doing what I'm doing, and knowing the people I know. They/You all are beautiful gifts to this world and I'm honored to be a witness to that. Again, I'll say here what I said at work - I love people (even though I'll admit that sometimes I hate them too...just to be honest...) and all we have is each other so I am so joyed to be building all kinds of cool relationships with all kinds of cool folks. It's the people that show me God and I get to see that Love everyday.

I already have many other LA related things I can express gratitude for, but I'm going to save them for some more frequent blog postings ;) (ideally - no promises...)

I'd also love to hear the things that incite gratitude in your life. Share with me and with everyone!

I'd also love to point out that my birthday is Monday and I'll be 25 and that's like a really adult age and that's scary. You should probably send me things to help me cope with growing up. If you feel so called, anything that fits in a mailbox (not the kind at the end of your driveway but the kind on the wall next to your front door) can be sent to 5846 Gregory Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038. If you're cool enough to send something bigger than that, you should send it to me c/o Hollywood Presbyterian Church 1760 N. Gower St. Hollywood, CA 90028. 

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